Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are You Drinking DEAD Water?

What is energized water?

Energised water is the nearest thing to cellular water, and its life-enhancing frequencies are gratefully absorbed by dehydrated and exhausted cells - research is beginning to show that most people are seriously dehydrated, and the sensors that would normally detect this have been switched off, so that our systems become too dry. Without sufficient good quality water in our systems, many processes grind to a halt. It is estimated that a baby contains approximately 90% water, while an old person contains 70% - the difference is that that water has been replaced by toxins of all kinds accumulating in the cells.

'Dead' water, i.e., water laden with foreign substances and frequencies, will tend to leach energy from your system. Dead water is often full of the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation of various kinds, particularly man-made, as well as physical and energetic pollutants of all kinds.

Energised water is more alive, 'wetter', meaning that it does a better job of picking up and removing toxic material from the body. Dead water, on the other hand, is disorganized and chaotic and contains 'clumps' of molecules, while energised or 'structured' water is more like a liquid crystal with much smaller 'micro-clusters' of water molecules, making it more like the water in cells, more able to hold minerals and other necessary substances in (colloidal) solution.

Decontaminate, Purify, Energise, Alkalise, Ionise, Distill

People are beginning to become aware of the distinction between 'decontaminating' water (which the Water Board should be doing), 'purifying' water (removing physical impurities, which your water filter should be doing) and 'energising' water - which few people are yet doing.

Anyone familiar with the principle of homeopathy will realise that progressively removing the physical substance from a liquid (by dilution in the case of homeopathy), increases the energetic effect of that substance - greater dilution leads to greater potency. This is one of the fascinating qualities of water - it remembers 'frequencies' or the energies of substances it has come in contact with. This is fine for harmless substances, but what about all the toxic substances it comes in contact with?

Removing the physical toxins from water is not enough - the frequency 'signature' or 'memory' must also be removed.

Energising water means removing the energy signatures of harmful substances that the water contains, and adding positive frequencies. We believe that the best single way of doing this is with our BioDisc

The Great Rejuvenator

Drinking energised water is possibly the single most effective way to boost your energy - many practitioners in the vibrational medicine field are coming to a similar conclusion. It is the anti-oxidant par excellence, scavenging free radicals and replacing cellular water with a real liquid crystal water which nourishes rather than starves the system.

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